Saturday, September 15, 2007


Milana starring Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar and Anaatharu starring Upendra and Darshan in the lead were released simultaneously on the Gauri Festival day and received good response from the Kannada film fans.
me and my friend sandesh are planning to see the film next week this week i am pretty busy with my internals frankly speaking i havent started stdying yet wasting my time but i am pretty confident that i will for sure get atleast 35 in both internals
as for the topic

i heard it is remix movie of pyar to hona hi tha and hum dil de chuke sanam and their is nothing new in the movie but i heard paravthi melton and puneeth have done good job
it is straight remake of pithamagan so need to watch it becoz everyone knows vikram has done fanatastic job in the movie my advise plz see the movie if you have not seen the orginal tamil movie


Sandesh said...

Hey Pai!

Good that you started blogging! Hope to see good reviews on Kannada movies on your blog.

Lets see all the movies! They say Milana is good! I didnt knew its a mix of two movies. But anaatharu is a remake!

They shouldn't remake films! Hope the trend ends as soon as possible!

Keep blogging! \m/

rock2000 said...

guru indohu topic madini nodi helu